Four Amazing Benefits of Digitalizing Your Quality Control Checklist

Four Amazing Benefits of Digitalizing Your Quality Control Checklist

Published on: 19-11-2014 | by Misty in mobile forms, mobile workforce, paperless, Quality Control App, Quality Control Checklist, Quality Control Management, Quality Control Software, smart forms

Quality control is a very straightforward process, but only because everyone is guided by a document called Quality Control Checklist. Being central to the entire process, this checklist is better off digitalized and off from the traditional paperwork model. Why should you do that? It’s because there are amazing benefits to such a move.

How Do You Do That?

First, you need to invest in a solution called the Quality Control App. When you have this app installed on your workforce’s mobile devices, everything will start to roll. Those devices will be central to the process now and, when that happens, you will start to see significant improvements to the workflows that have already existed. They will not only improve with the help of the app, but will transform.

Because everything is now mobile and digital, all the paperwork and paper forms that you have been using will be transformed into mobile forms so they can be accessed using the app. They will now be used to create and send paperless reports back to database.

Why Do That?

These are the reasons why you should be digitizing your QC checklists into smart forms that you can use with the Quality Control Management software:

  1. It speeds up the process.
    Tapping into a mobile phone to compose a message is definitely a lot faster than writing with pen and paper. The number of minutes saved varies from person to person, but it’s a fact that the process becomes at least 20-25% faster than the usual time using paper work.

  2. It eliminates possible mistakes.
    An employee can be as meticulous as he can be, but sometimes factors such as fatigue and even sheer luck can make him or her miss an item in the report. In Quality Control, omission is a sin but the features of the Quality Control Software can help prevent omission and, by extension, the common mistakes or pitfalls in a QC process.

  3. It allows management to centralize all data into a single platform.
    One of the tough parts of managing a workflow is when there is no means of centralizing the information for easy access. With the Management Portal, however, your QC admin staff will have that venue from which they can view, download, and monitor the passage of data within the system.

  4. It can turn your mobile workforce into a productive one.
    Last, but not the least, by introducing improvements that reduce the time spent between doing one task and making the necessary reports, the app also improves the overall productivity of your quality control department.

You see, digitalizing your quality control workflows does have many benefits for your department and your business in general.

There are so many other things that you can do aside from digitalizing your Quality Control Checklist. Take our tour today!

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