How to Formulate Previously Impossible Quality Control Systems with Our App

How to Formulate Previously Impossible Quality Control Systems with Our App

Published on: 31-12-2014 | by Misty in digital forms, electronic forms, mobile forms, Quality Control App, Quality Control Management, Quality Control Software, Quality Control Systems, Paperless

Quality control is a process already by itself. That’s why it is very important that companies, especially manufacturing firms, are able to formulate effective Quality Control Systems for that department. You cannot afford a large margin of mistake for that department, because defective products that unfortunately make it out of the production line, because of oversights in the QC department, could lead to losses that can potentially cripple the business.

Here Comes the QC App

Any industrial engineer could come up with as good a process as technology allows, but the arrival of the Quality Control App has guaranteed that things will be a lot easier now for both the QC department and their team leaders – easier, and not to mention, more efficient. The app presents a paperless and mobile solution for the QC department to carry out their reporting with but the capabilities of the app has a lot more impacts than just making the reporting less messy than before.

The App’s Features

The app has these features that can help you create a never-before-possible quality control system:

Mobile reporting
With mobile devices being prevalent these days, the Quality Control Software makes use of mobile forms. This will let you finally get rid of bulky and messy paperwork that constitutes production reports. Instead, you and your administrative staff will have to work with electronic forms and reports. This is already advantageous over your previous paper-based system because of the fact that reports can be received in real time.

Error trapping methods
Information Technology experts work with these methods all the time. This is an aspect of the development of a system where possible errors are identified and trapped so that their effects are mitigated. In Quality Control, this means preventing the mistakes that can lead to somebody erroneously marking a failed product as ‘QC Passed.’ The app’s digital forms are programmed with error trapping methods including the ‘required field’ parameter. When a required field in the form is not filled up, the user will be prompted to address that error before the form is finalized and submitted.

Two-way communications
Now, your QC department’s communications can be as efficient as a two-way radio. The people in the admin staff are duly notified by the Quality Control Management software when a paperless report has been submitted. Right away, they can review that report for possible mistakes or request for additional information. With this capability in place, you can find your entire QC department working more smoothly than you would’ve thought was possible.

If you, as a manager, have pined for a long time to come up with improved and more efficient Quality Control Systems for your business organization, perhaps it’s time to think about how our app can help you out. Take our tour today!

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