How to Prevent Mistakes During Inspections with Quality Control App

How to Prevent Mistakes During Inspections with Quality Control App

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The quality control process may be the last step but is also the most important step especially in manufacturing processes. The quality control unit is responsible for making sure that products rolled out of the line are not defective, since this can have detrimental results for both the company and the customer. Now, manufacturing companies can say goodbye to mistakes or oversights in the QC process with the help of Quality Control App.

An Overview

At its core, this Quality Control Software basically provides a paperless substitute to the reporting process for QC departments. This simple capability, however, can help open doors to a huge number of opportunities that every company should jump at. With the software’s help, the company can make possible a transformative effect that can help it improve on its image and its reputation as a maker of quality products.

Remarkable Features of the App

These opportunities are only possible, of course, because of several features that this Quality Control Solution has. These features include:

Mobile checklists
A Quality Control Checklist is central to every QC process. This checklist guides the QC personnel in the criteria that they will be inspecting the completed item against. Paper checklists are good, but using them can cause members of the QC team to miss a small detail especially when there are so many items to look out for. The smart forms in the app, however, help to avoid that issue with the ‘required data’ feature. If fields that are marked required are not filled out, the form will not submit.

Centralized monitoring
Keeping track of the progress of each individual team member is definitely difficult, but the Quality Control Systems that you can set up using the app will help simplify the process. The app provides a Web-based Management Portal that will act as your Central Command Station – every data that your teams submit are viewable from this Portal. Moreover, the data in the Portal is detailed and in-depth; you can expand the paperless reports from each team member to view the comprehensive information that they have submitted.

Instant access to compiled information
Data that has been submitted to the Management Portal are sent through a Cloud – that is, a centralized location in the Internet. With a mobile device or a laptop and the right credentials, you can log in anywhere to the Management Portal and review reports and other information that you require. You may be out of the office, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the means to review incoming reports and proofread for mistakes.

With the Quality Control Management software and its features, you can equip your QC department with enterprise mobility and the capabilities for real-time monitoring and reporting.

Find out how Quality Control App can help you out in smoothing out your QC department’s processes. Take our tour now!

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