Imagine a World Dominated by Quality Control Mobile Forms

Imagine a World Dominated by Quality Control Mobile Forms

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Quality Control Mobile Forms will change the way that quality control departments, as well as other departments and businesses, are carrying out their normal days at work. This innovation is designed to replace the traditional paperwork that has dominated and has been the central point of work processes for decades. Can you imagine how it could look like? You don’t have to because the means to make this a reality is now within your grasp.

How to Make This World Possible?

Investing in the Quality Control App is the means through which you can make a production line that relies on mobile forms, instead of paperwork, possible. This is a revolutionary new technology that takes advantage of the computer-like capabilities of today’s current mobile devices. You might’ve already integrated mobile devices into your working processes, so investing in this app will simply take your processes further into the next step.

What Can Phone-Based Forms Do?

These digital forms can do much excellent stuff for your quality control department. These include:

Speedy and instantaneous reporting
The paperless forms trump paperwork by speeding up the process by at least 20%. Now, your QC team members will no longer have to manually fill up their Quality Control Checklist with pen and paper. All they have do to is access these checklists, which have been converted into smart forms accessible with their mobile devices, and tap away into their touch screens to fill up the forms. This manner of paperless reporting will take up less time than usual, allowing your mobile workforce to also increase their productivity by 20%. Plus, the reports can be received in real time.

Paperwork kills transparency, but the digital forms in the Quality Control Management software restores it to its rightful place. For instance, each form has an automated time-stamp. This time-stamp will determine what time the report has been sent in. When compared with the timestamps of previous reports, management can easily draw a timeline that shows how productive or how efficient one specific team member is. There’s no more tampering with timesheets to hide inefficiencies in performance reports, because the app records the time for management to look at.

Smart interaction
These forms are not called ‘smart’ for nothing. For starters, they are able to employ conditional logic – a feature that management should take advantage of when designing the forms before implementing them into the system. They also have the capability to connect to the database and auto-fill some fields with data drawn from the Cloud, a fact that simplifies and expedites the whole process further.

With these forms in a QC department’s arsenal, the QC team leader and department heads will be able to see lots of changes in the everyday flow of things in the quality control section. An entirely mobile workforce will make possible a team that is productive, flexible, and efficient.

There are more capabilities that Quality Control Mobile Forms have for the entrepreneur. Our website details what these capabilities are for businessmen to further understand how our app can improve their quality control systems, and everything else in the organization. Take our tour now!

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