Quality Control App Boosts Business Processes to the Next Level

Quality Control App Boosts Business Processes to the Next Level

Published on: 19-11-2014 | by Misty in Quality Control App, Quality Control Checklist, Quality Control Solution, Quality Control Management, mobile forms, smart forms, mobile workforce, paperless

SYDNEY, Australia November 2014 – Quality control is a business process that requires micromanagement; and, micromanagement relies on a streamlined workforce that is easy to monitor. Quality Control App – Formitize’s latest offering in its long line of successful apps for industry-specific applications – offers a significant improvement in business processes when companies choose to make their paperwork paperless.

How Quality Control App.com Works

Quality control is a very straightforward process; but, it requires a great effort in monitoring and data coordination. A typical quality control team tests and handles several products in one day and each person in the production line has to make reports on each item back to management so it can be marked as ‘Passed for Quality Control.’

A Close Look at the App

To understand how the app can help smooth things out for quality control engineers, it is important to discuss what the features are.

The app’s features include, but are not limited to:

•Customizable mobile forms for reporting
The app’s smart forms can be customized to reflect the typical Quality Control Checklist that the organization makes use of in its QC processes. These forms are actually superior to the paperwork that most companies are still using because they eliminate or reduce the risk for mistakes. In-form features also require users to fill up specific forms as required data prevents submission of incomplete information that can cause problems later on in the process.

•Secure and accessible documentation
Documentation is very important and needs to be secure while also being accessible to a company’s mobile workforce. This revolutionary Quality Control Solution makes documentation and other resources available for users on the go using the app’s Resources E-Library. This is an electronic library from which quality control experts on the line can download the necessary documentation to assist them with their work.

•Real-time monitoring
Performance reports and progress updates are integral for every quality control team. It is important for management to identify the weak links in the production so that further training or other necessary action can be undertaken. The app’s real-time monitoring capabilities and excellent data capturing features help make it easy for management staff to pull up detailed performance reports for each employee in the production line for a specific period of time.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “It is a tribute to process engineers that quality control systems and processes worldwide are as streamlined as they could be. With Quality Control App, these processes can go on to the next level in terms of efficiency and productivity. The program offers paperless solutions and real-time reporting and monitoring capabilities that will totally transform the Quality Control Management for every company that requires such processes.”

Quality Control App is every manager’s dream tool, and it is now a reality. Find out what the other amazing features of the app are. Take the tour now!

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