Three Common Woes in Quality Control Management

Three Common Woes in Quality Control Management

Published on: 03-12-2014 | by Misty in digital forms, paperless forms, Quality Control App, Quality Control Management, Quality Control Software, Quality Control Solution, smart forms

Managing one or more processes in a growing company will expose overseers of the workflow to several headaches. Quality Control Management is not an exception, and it is also a very crucial step in the entire business workflow simply because it is the point in the entire process that identifies if the final products are fit for releasing or not. Perhaps that fact also gives the Quality Control Manager a lot more headaches than any other manager in the organization.

Of course, with the Quality Control App already in the market, these managers will be delighted to find out that they can now finally wave goodbye to those common problems encountered in QC management.

The Problems and How the App Solves Them

These are the most common woes that QC managers run across in managing their teams, and how our Quality Control Software can help out:

  1. Reports don’t come on time.
    With the traditional paper-based reporting, there is no way that a QC team member can compile their reports and send them as soon as you want. They would want to fill up a report after inspecting an item, then move on to the next one instead of submitting said report because it takes time and will affect their productivity. With the app’s digital forms, however, real-time submission of reports is now possible. They simply fill up the paperless forms using their mobile devices, send it through an Internet connection and you receive it instantly.

  2. No centralized platform to manage all information.
    Paperwork does that. There is no central area from which you can view all information, because you have to look at each paper report that has been submitted to know what each report is all about. With this excellent Quality Control Solution, however, you are given a platform from which all information that has been submitted is kept within easy access. The Management Portal allows QC managers to monitor and identify what each team is doing at a glance, and to drill down the information when necessary.

  3. No way to limit or even eliminate mistakes from the reporting.
    One big problem for paperwork-based reporting is preventing team members from omitting important information. Fatigue is a big factor in this; the more tired a person is, the higher the chances of him omitting something from a report. With the smart forms used in the app, however, QC managers can prevent that omission by taking advantage of the ‘Required Field’ feature and many others.

With the help of this app, the Quality Control department can become more efficient, less prone to mistakes and quite a breeze to manage for the QC manager, on whose shoulders rests a very immense responsibility.

Enjoy Those Features and More from the App

The app is a very robust solution that can do more than just address the three aforementioned problems in a quality control process. Learn more about how our app can help out with Quality Control Management. Take our tour now!

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