Three Ways to Introduce Cloud Computing to Your Department with Quality Control Software

Three Ways to Introduce Cloud Computing to Your Department with Quality Control Software

Published on: 17-12-2014 | by Misty in enterprise mobility, digital forms, mobile workforce, paperless, Quality Control App, Quality Control Checklist, Quality Control Management, Quality Control Software, Quality Control Solution

The future is here with Quality Control Software by your side. For one, this revolutionary new paperless software allows your QC department, for starters, to share data and information back to home base using Cloud Computing. This capability allows for many capabilities like remote management and monitoring, as well as being able to send reports conveniently and quickly for your quality control team members.

What is Cloud Computing?

Creatively named, this new technology simply means that an entity or an organization now uploads and saves their files and information through the Internet – the best of enterprise mobility. The Internet merely represents a ‘Cloud’ or a remote location from which everyone can access anything that has been shared, provided that they are given the requisite access and sharing rights to the data.

In IT parlance, it is simply an innovation and an improvement of the limitations of company servers in storing and sharing data. While effective, it is also expensive for companies to maintain their own servers. With Cloud Computing, however, it is cheaper as it is the service provider that maintains the servers and spends for its operation.

How the App Makes Use of Cloud Computing

The Quality Control App uses Cloud Computing in a very innovative manner. It is basically a mobile app that is installed into your QC team members’ mobile devices. When the app is installed and a system is already implemented that takes advantage of its capabilities, your QC department can then experience full enterprise mobility.

These are only some of the stuff that your QC department can do with the help of this Quality Control Solution:

  1. Make use of digital checklists
    The use of Cloud Computing means that the processes are rendered entirely paperless. Since a Quality Control Checklist is necessary for quality control, a Resources E-Library is included with the app. Members of your mobile workforce can simply download the Checklist and other essential literature that they need to work to their mobile devices.

  2. Instant status updates and reporting
    Being current with the status of working teams is a must for managers, but it has only been possible now with this Quality Control Management software. With the app, QC team members can submit an updated status report instantly to the Web-based Management Portal and then move on to the next inspection he or she is due to undertake.

  3. Pre-assign forms and tasks to workforce
    This app also gives task managers the means to pre-assign the digital forms to members of the mobile workforce when needed. This same capability will also make it possible for your management staff to queue submission of paperless performance reports to upper level management so that you no longer have to worry about reporting schedules and can finally concentrate on overseeing your QC department.

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