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Purchase Order App

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Purchase Order App is used by any business with a mobile workforce where purchase orders are requested from the field requiring a centralised approval process.

The integration of a paperless solution for all field based activities and the real-time monitoring, management and secure storage of all related documentation, ensures a level of management control and reporting not previously possible.

The improved efficiency, real-time reporting capability, environmental benefits, integration capabilities and associated management tools ensure Purchase Order App is an incredibly powerful addition to the industry.

"Like everybody else in our industry, the paperwork has always been a constant headache for our business. The App has had a transformational impact in not just getting rid of the paper but, just as importantly, delivering a level of compliance that just wasn’t possible before"

Some companies in Australia have adopted the BYOD practice and now have policies in place to cover all types of situations, particularly, to protect the privacy and security of the users and their companies. iPhone Forms make it easier for field agents to open, edit, and update company reports as they can access these documents in real time. Monitoring is made easy too because business owners and managers can track the reports from start to finish, including changes made along the way.

"The real time reporting and workflow checks are outstanding. The time saved is great and the improvement to our processes has had a huge impact on the company. To be able to report on any single element of the information in any form is fantastic. The Job Dispatcher, Resource Centre and Management Portal are great for storing and tracking everything. Cant speak highly enough of this."

The Purchase Order App lets you:

  1. Work with or without Internet Connection

  2. Deliver Compliant Report

  3. Generate the Right Reports

  4. Dispatch Jobs to Your Mobile Workforce

  5. Manage Documents in a Safe Environment

  6. Control Documents in Resources e-Library

More information:

Purchase Order App provides real-time reporting and workflow checks while saving time, money, and resources. Monitor the progress of your mobile workforce using smart forms designed to help you manage customer and company data in a secure paperless ‘cloud’ environment. (url: http://purchaseorderapp.com/purchase-order-app)

Purchase Order Apps increases efficiency and accuracy and improves the professionalism of using paperless forms with integrated features customized to meet your enterprise mobility management needs. (url: http://purchaseorderapp.com/purchase-order-apps)

Apps for Purchase Orders improves efficiency and increase business productivity. This paperless solution is designed to promote enterprise mobility. (url: http://purchaseorderapp.com/apps-for-purchase-orders)

Purchase Order Template provides highly efficient, paperless communication tools geared towards improving operations and implementing enterprise mobility. (url: http://purchaseorderapp.com/purchase-order-template)

Purchase Order Form enables you to monitor the performance and output of your mobile workforce and use mobile forms to do performance checks from miles away and provide solutions for problems encountered by field agents on-site. (url: http://purchaseorderapp.com/purchase-order-form)

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